Going paperless: why and how

Faster, better, more efficiently.


Learn how to completely modernize operations following today’s standards for digitally-enabled productivity.


Does your department still print and file reports, case files, and forms? Do you still have a fax machine? Do you have to walk or drive records to the court?  Do you sign documents with a pen?


These legacy approaches to managing records, and the prevalence of manual, paper-driven business process are indications of a real need for digital transformation… modernizing how you create, share, store, and access information, and how you provide service to both employees and external stakeholders.

Specific learning objectives:

  • Procedures for implementing digital transformation
  • Managing information and business processes electronically
  • Managing public records requests electronically
  • Sharing records with the Court and D.A. electronically
  • Learn the laws that allow for completely digital records and signatures
  • Inventorying and digitizing information touchpoints
  • Developing defensible digital records procedures and policy

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Included materials

Materials will be provided for download during the webinar including:

  • Course slides
  • Articles of interest
  • Course certificate

Optional Materials For Purchase and Download When You Register

Case management course on-demand for your agency $49

Receive an on-demand version of our Case Management course to provide case management training to anyone in your department. This is a self-paced course to learn about managing case status and disposition correctly, ensuring the proper change of RMS status options, and the procedures needed to correctly update cases. Learn how status and disposition fields in RMS function, when supplements must be written, and who should be authorized to change case status.

Records Employee Performance Improvement Plans on-demand $49

Improving employee performance and resolving “issues” comes down to having quantifiable accountability measures. Learn how to develop and implement an employee performance improvement plan (PIP) in this interactive, self-paced course. The course includes downloadable sample PIP’s and forms for tracking performance. Learn about the “Meeting” and importance of notifying employees of deficient performance, developing performance standards, tracking key performance indicators (KPI), how to initiate a PIP, documenting performance and conversation points, and what to say and how to say it.

Customizable Departmental NIBRS Report Writing Manual $195

Get officers, supervisors, and records personnel on the same page with writing reports according to NIBRS standards. A comprehensive manual which can be customized to your existing policies and procedures. Preview here.

  • NIBRS data elements and definitions
  • Report writing standards
  • Scenarios for officers
  • Supervisor responsibilities
  • Report review & correction policy
  • Situations requiring a report
  • By the end of shift policy
  • How many reports do I write? (Time and Place Rule, Acting in Concert, Hotel Rule)
  • How crimes are counted
  • Clearing cases by exception
  • Unfounding cases
  • Error-tracking and performance metrics

Records Unit and Records Management Policies $9.99

Drafting policy isn’t easy, but ours makes it a whole lot better. Written for today’s modern operations, these 2 policies establish S.O.P. for records management and for records unit operations.  Insert your state’s statutory references and agency protocols. Preview them here.


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3rd person 35% off: $126.75

4th person (or more) 50% off: $97.50 each

Each person registered will receive a certificate.

Please note, the price for training is per-person. While it’s possible for multiple people to view the training online, the format of the training doesn’t change the value of the knowledge learned by each attendee. Just as if the seminar was in-person, we ask that you register each person who plans on participating and receiving the information that will be provided. Each will receive a certificate. Thank you.


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Pleasant Hill PD

“I have attended many seminars and training classes over the last 20 years in law enforcement; I have to say with certainty, yours was simply amazing. You are very informed about the topic you teach. VERY informed.”


“Compared to other records seminars, this blows them out of the water!! Not the same dry instruction, but actual real world conditions. The ideas for improving ‘systems’ and ‘people’ were sound and logical. Fantastic!”

Sunrise Police Dept.

“Records management seminar is a must for anyone who deals with records–very informative class, extremely knowledgeable instructor. Send your employees–it’s worth every penny.”


“This class exceeded my expectations! We have already scheduled future training with PRI Management Group. We are looking forward to the next class.”

Ft. Lauderdale Police Dept.

“I attended the Crime Stats and UCR for the Police Executive seminar. As with the others, the class was very informative. Thanks for another great class!”


“The seminar was outstanding, I hope to make some changes here in my department with some of what I have taken away from this class.”

Avon Park Police Dept.

“I have attended other records management seminars in the past and this one was far above any of the others. Thanks for a great class.”


“I really enjoyed the way every portion was explained. It wasn’t overwhelming, but it put into perspective the importance of running a good police records unit.”


“Ed is very personable and extremely knowledgeable about the police business. The stories are entertaining and have meaning to the topic at hand. Great incorporation of videos and images to liven up the lecture.”


“We thoroughly enjoyed the style and presentation of this class. It was easy to understand and the instructor made the class entertaining. Never a dull moment.”


“No suggestions. really enjoyed the class. We will be taking the UCR class in March and are very excited to get everything started for our own records unit.”

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