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We are looking for experienced professionals nationwide interested in remote work and flexible schedules. Apply today.



Records management. IT. NIBRS. Case management. Procurement. 

Team Player?

Work well with others. Collaborative. Leader. Committed.

Big picture?

Fast learner. Creative. Problem solver. Critical thinker.


Share ideas. Teacher. Well-spoken. Self-driven.


Working at PRI

Since 2008, PRI has provided transformative modernization and efficiency to records management and IT operations across the criminal justice system. Our training and consulting services are of the highest caliber. To be part of our team is to be a special kind of person- someone who is self-motivated, works well with others, is creative, sees the big picture, is a great communicator and takes ownership of their work.

Current Openings

Marketing Specialist

PRI ( is seeking a part-time creative, self-driven and motivated individual to create, manage and publish marketing materials for our company.

About You

If you are a self-starter with an inquisitive mind and proven history of success, we may have a position for you however, we are unusually selective about who we ask to join our team. This part-time role may convert into a full-time position at a later time.
We are looking for specific examples from your previous experience which demonstrate you can do the job. You will notice we don’t have a long list of requirements, qualifications, and fluffy job descriptions. We don’t care about any of that since we do not hire based only on resumes which provide little insight into who you are and only focus on buzzwords and lofty job titles.
You will be required to coordinate calls with the references you provide on your resume, and undergo our interview process. You will need to submit examples of your work product including fliers/brochures/ads which have a business/corporate-like appearance.

About The Job

Using tools such as Constant Contact, Adobe Spark, MS Office, you will create, manage and publish fliers, brochures, and an e-newsletter. You will write content including copy for articles and our website.  You will help us create a strong brand presence with innovative promotional offerings, online and offline marketing campaigns, and marketing events. Your performance objectives include:
  • 30 days from hiring, you will understand and be able to clearly describe and articulate verbally and in writing what PRI does including our services and the systems we use. You will have drafted your first e-newsletter and email campaign.
  • Within 60 days of hiring, you will be producing a monthly e-newsletter that is mostly error-free with well-written content and be able to update our website (WordPress) with your marketing materials.
  • Within 90 days, you will independently manage our marketing activities and send out scheduled fax, email and US mail marketing campaign materials.


  • Strengthen our relationship with clients and company partnerships
  • Plan and execute campaigns and events
  • Track, analyze and report the success of those campaigns and events
  • Create online and offline marketing content
  • Empower the sales team with marketing content and campaigns that help drive sales


  • 1-3 years’ of marketing experience
  • BS/BA in Marketing or a related field of study
  • Excellent writing and communication skills
Your work hours will be flexible, anytime during normal business hours. Expect to work about 10-15 hours per week, with a maximum of 20 hours per week. To apply send your resume to: [email protected]

Sales Associate

PRI is seeking a full-time sales associate with experience in the criminal justice market. This position includes participation in the full sales cycle. The sales associate will proactively nurture and develop existing and new business opportunities for PRI.  Duties include:

  • Inbound and outbound lead generation through a variety of channels and means
  • Assistance with marketing initiatives
  • Review and response to RFPs
  • Development of proposals
  • Maintenance of CRM records
  • Social media communications

Qualifications and desirable traits

The fundamental traits we think are key to success:

  • Superior customer relations and service skills including excellent written and verbal communications
  • Maintaining a positive attitude and teamwork mentality
  • Self-confidence and drive
  • Flexibility and responsive to feedback
  • Knowledge of information management operations and systems in law enforcement (records management, CAD/RMS, crime reporting)

This is a base salary plus commission position (negotiable).

Work remotely or join us in our beautiful Coral Gables, FL office.

Our Mission

Improve public safety in our clients communities by ensuring the delivery of accurate, timely and efficient management of agency records and data through the utilization of tomorrow’s technology and effective business processes.

Integrity Always

We operate with the utmost level of integrity without compromise, promoting the ethical performance of our duties in all that we do. Our work is conducted in the most efficient manner possible to ensure the responsible stewardship of our clients investments.

Care For Our People

We recognize that the value and well-being of our employees translates into superior care of our clients. We encourage self-initiative, creativity, teamwork and open-dialogue while understanding the importance of flexibility, passion and commitment to client satisfaction.

Results Oriented

We pay attention to the details while seeing the big picture. Our decisions and actions are based on first understanding what the results will be and only upon gathering all available information.  We understand organizational culture and the unique environmental conditions of each project.