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Enhancing IT Support for Effective CAD and RMS Systems

Article PDF June 2024   The mission-critical role of Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Records Management Systems (RMS) in public safety operations cannot be overstated. These systems, which streamline emergency response, enhance data management, and foster...

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The Unseen Force of Change Agents in Records Management

Article PDF February 2024   Change is hard, but in law enforcement, there is a key position that is often overlooked to help make it happen. In the information and technology driven era of policing, which isn't going away, this key position must be filled with...

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Top 5 Public Records Mistakes

Article PDF August 2023   1. Taking too long. Every state has a law requiring government agencies to respond to public records requests within a certain timeframe. Some states require agencies to acknowledge to the requester they have received the request within...

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The Problem with NIBRS

Article PDFThe FBI had set a goal for all U.S. law enforcement agencies to transition to NIBRS reporting by January 2021.  As of today, only slightly more than half of them have done so. What are the ramifications of not reporting? Why has this happened? Transitioning...

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NIBRS: Getting It Right

Article PDF May 2023 When looking at NIBRS implementation and the ability to handle it successfully, agencies should ask the following: Have we prepared for the reporting and quality control changes which are required for NIBRS? Does our policy establish what...

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Is It a Record Or Is It Evidence?

Article PDF The confusion regarding whether an item is a record or evidence can be easily eliminated with one simple statement: it can be both. This confusion typically occurs when the time comes to purge records and/or evidence, as well as when agencies begin...

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