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Public records requests continue to pile up. Files are kept forever. CAD/RMS needs replacement. Reports aren’t submitted on time, get approved without thorough review, and are printed unnecessarily. 

The result? Overwhelmed, unsupported, and risk of litigation.

A long queue of pending reports

Inaccurate crime stats

Outdated retention schedules

Backlogs, non-compliance and liability

Boxes of old records which need to be purged

Let’s fix it.

Tens of thousands of law enforcement personnel across 47 states have attended our programs, learned the right way to manage records, reduce liability, and used our services to bring their department success.

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What People Are Saying About PRI

“Having PRI on our team was crucial to the success of our start-up. There were countless times they brought up an item for review that wasn’t on our radar and needed to be considered. Having their expertise and outside perspective helped us avoid many roadblocks.”

Katrina West, Vancouver, WA Police Records Manager

“The How to Build a Model Records Unit course was outstanding. I received valuable information and I feel better equipped to manage our Records Unit. There is a lot of work to be done but I got some great guidance!”

Seminar Attendee

“Your experience and expertise in the area of police operations, crime data and records management was a valuable resource that I would be happy to call on again, should the need arise.”

Office of Internal Audit, Metropolitan Nashville

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Top 10 Failures in Records

The top 10 records failures are common and prevent agencies from achieving best practice,compliance and efficiency.

Compliance & Best Practices

Whether you’re building a new records unit or seeking to gain compliance with records law and IT standards, our solutions ensure your agency is managing records & data in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

Moving Information To Tomorrow

The efficient functioning of an organization is largely dependent on how well it manages its information. Departing from the old way of records management to today’s digital age enables fully electronic processes: faster workflows, real-time info, better quality control and customer service.

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Avoiding the Lawsuits – How to Make Your Police Records Unit Better, Faster, and More Compliant

Top 3 Reasons for Public Records Lawsuits

Taking too long to process requests

Incorrect redaction or release of public information

Making access to public records unnecessarily difficult

Learn how to resolve the issues that make work difficult for records managers, as well as how to avoid exposure to potential lawsuits.

Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

Improve public safety in our clients communities by ensuring the delivery of accurate, timely and efficient management of agency records and data through the utilization of tomorrow’s technology and effective business processes.

Integrity Always

We operate with the utmost level of integrity without compromise, promoting the ethical performance of our duties in all that we do. Our work is conducted in the most efficient manner possible to ensure the responsible stewardship of our clients investments.

Care For Our People

We recognize that the value and well-being of our employees translates into superior care of our clients. We encourage self-initiative, creativity, teamwork and open-dialogue while understanding the importance of flexibility, passion and commitment to client satisfaction.

Results Oriented

We pay attention to the details while seeing the big picture. Our decisions and actions are based on first understanding what the results will be and only upon gathering all available information. We understand organizational culture and the unique environmental conditions of each project.