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Tallahassee Police Moves Toward NIBRS

The Tallahassee Police Department has turned to PRI to begin the process of switching to NIBRS and implementing a new NIBRS compliant RMS.   We’ll build error-free statute/NIBRS tables, test the system, validate the data, train and ensure all around project success.

City of Vancouver builds new police records unit

After engaging PRI consulting services the Vancouver, WA Police Department has successfully launched a new police records division with 18 employees, 24/7 operations and new office space. 

Records Operations Makeover

The Albuquerque PD, a large agency with over 70 records personnel, engaged PRI to provide a road map for achieving operational excellence: fast report turnaround times, lower error-rates, better customer service and accurate data.

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UCR reporting inconsistencies make city-to-city comparisons tricky

See what happened when South Bend was ranked one of the most violent cities in America according to UCR. And…the media actually responded.

PRI audit of Tallahassee Police UCR data

Our audit revealed the Tallahassee PD over-reported crime by 20% in 2017.

Baltimore police technology is a “disaster”

Read about how this major American police agency is managing records and data.


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RMS Transition The Right Way

Transitioning to a new RMS can go well or…be a nightmare.  We see too many agencies that don’t make the necessary adjustments to their business processes and workflows to ensure project success.  They’re left with a great system without the benefits of the new technology and thus- no return on investment.

WORKFLOW  is everything. 

Does your records unit pass reports through various levels, each of which do different tasks like quality control, coding, and imaging? One report, one person, one time. We make it happen.

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Compliance & Best Practices

Whether you’re building a new records unit or seeking to gain compliance with records law and IT standards, our solutions ensure your agency is managing records & data in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

Moving Information To Tomorrow

The efficient functioning of an organization is largely dependent on how well it manages its information. Departing from the old way of records management to today’s digital age enables fully electronic processes: faster workflows, real-time info, better quality control and customer service.

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Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

Through our consulting, training and technology services, we seek to enable law enforcement, judicial and prosecutorial offices across America to operate with the most technologically advanced, high-performing, and customer-focused information management operations. Accurate data, timely records, legal compliance and fiscal responsibility is what we deliver to our clients and their communities.

Integrity Always

We operate with the utmost level of integrity without compromise, promoting the ethical performance of our duties in all that we do. Our work is conducted in the most efficient manner possible to ensure the responsible stewardship of our clients investments.

Care For Our People

We recognize that the value and well-being of our employees translates into superior care of our clients. We encourage self-initiative, creativity, teamwork and open-dialogue while understanding the importance of flexibility, passion and commitment to client satisfaction.

Results Oriented

We pay attention to the details while seeing the big picture. Our decisions and actions are based on first understanding what the results will be and only upon gathering all available information. We understand organizational culture and the unique environmental conditions of each project.