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PRI Consulting Services

We enable agencies to become models of information excellence through the effective management, accuracy and sharing of police, fire and justice records and data, public records and agency communications.  Our strategic records and IT consulting methodologies ensure compliance with state records law, UCR and NIBRS standards and best practices.  See some of our projects here.


Records Management

  • Records management assessments
  • Records policy/planning
  • Code tables
  • Business process design
  • Inventories
  • Retention schedules
  • Records destruction
  • Document conversion

Crime Data

IT Solutions

  • RMS/CAD project management
  • Regional systems planning
  • Solutions design
  • Procurement and contracts
  • Technical/functional requirements
  • Training
  • Implementation
  • Data management

Your experience and expertise in the area of police operations, crime data and records management was a valuable resource that I would be happy to call on again, should the need arise.

Office of Internal Audit

Metropolitan Nashville


RMS Transition Solutions

Getting a new RMS requires change. That change will be for the better if…you plan accordingly.  Otherwise your investment will be a loss.  Workflows must change.  People must adapt. The system must be used to its fullest.


Public concerns about the accuracy of the police department crime statistics have been addressed by this comprehensive review. The report details exactly how the errors occurred and what we need to do to fix them. This exhaustive report will serve as a basic template for every police department in the country that has experienced crime data errors.

Executive Director

Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission

Records Management

Through industry standards and our own law enforcement experience, we are experts in police records management matters. Offering a full line of information management consulting and training services, we will get you organized, your space cleaned out and your people on board. We work around the country and follow each state’s specific requirements governing information management.

THE PROBLEM: no plan in place

  • Are you building a records division from scratch?
  • Are you implementing a new CAD/RMS?city-of-miami-police
  • Do supervisors check reports like they should?
  • Do your detectives keep case files in their desks?
  • Are you handling expungements correctly?
  • Is everyone on a different page?
  • Are there boxes of old records that nobody knows what to do with?
  • Does your agency keep everything, forever?
  • See top 10 information management failures in law enforcement

State law typically requires agencies to have a formalized records management plan that governs the information management life-cycle:




  • Records management programs
  • Policy development
  • Training
  • Record inventorying
  • Record/data scheduling
  • Records destruction
  • Document conversion

THE PROBLEM: accuracy, timeliness, paper and more

  • Is it taking too long to locate and obtain internal information?
  • Are you implementing a data driven policing model and need timely information?
  • Is the public having to wait 7-10 days to get copies of reports when it should only take 1-2 days?
  • Do you have a room or warehouse full of old records that nobody knows what to do with?
  • Are there no retention schedules in place?
  • Is everyone on a different page?
  • See the top 10 law enforcement information management failures

We are the only company in existence working exclusively in the field of law enforcement records management.

Utilizing industry standards and our on the job experience in police records and I.T. units, we are able to conduct assessments, internal audits, and program development designed to streamline the management of agency-wide or unit level information: Incidents. Accidents. Arrests. Citations. Memorandum. Email. Use of force. Property records. Retention schedules and more.


Our Solutions

  • Strategic Planning
  • Accreditation Compliance
  • Policy Development
  • Records Unit Assessments
  • Records scheduling & destruction
  • Business Process/Workflow Reengineering
  • Off-site Storage Projects
  • Report Writing/Records Unit Manuals

THE PROBLEM: inaccurate data

Records management systems contain code tables which align report classifications (titles) and state statutes with a unique corresponding UCR or NIBRS code. Errors in these tables are the first place to look when your data is wrong. Meticulous review is required to ensure no errors exist in the thousands of statutes listed.

The time and resources needed to scour the vast amounts of data contained in records management systems are significant. The interruption of normal operations by spending time working to correct code table errors and historical records leads to a decrease in productivity, customer service, and report turnaround time.

Read our white paper on RMS code tables and how they impact the accuracy of your crime stats.

Our Solutions

We have extensive experience as RMS administrators with the ability to ensure your systems produce accurate data.

  • Code table repair/development
  • RMS administration
  • New CAD/RMS project management
  • Vendor selection and RFP services
  • Implementation
  • Training

THE PROBLEM: “That’s how we’ve always done it”

Good government is the goal and while many business processes are in place for good reason, some are not. “That’s how we’ve always done it” isn’t a good approach. As times and technology change, so must the way we handle information.

If it’s taking too long to process and move information within the agency then change is needed.  If there are boxes full of old paper records collecting dust, it’s time for change.  If records are still being printed out from RMS and filed, it’s time for help. If reports are being keyed in by hand….it’s time for technology.

Our Solution: it’s all about systems thinking and people’s performance.

Our strategic workflow analysis will lend a fresh pair of eyes to outdated information management practices. By working closely with your personnel and obtaining buy-in, we can successfully flatten organizational workflows and in turn significatly improve productivity. Our assessments include analysis of key concerns including:

Is it time for change?

Is it time for change?

  • Routing of records between divisions/units
  • Inter-agency data sharing
  • Approval processes
  • Accessibility to information
  • Removal of unnecessary procedure
  • Adoption of automated management tools
  • Implementation of performance standards
  • Organizational acceptance of change
  • Tracking of information as it changes hands
  • Top 10 information management failures in law enforcement

THE PROBLEM: what should we scan?

Scanning is a retrieval tool, not a storage medium.  You should only convert j0432728records that you need regular access to. Don’t scan just to get rid of paper! It’s expensive. Knowing how to calculate whether scanning old files or day forward records only is cost effective allows us to provide you with a true picture of your return on investment in the effort to go paperless.

Our Solutions

We are able to strategically analyze what the best fit for your agency is based on your needs as well as legislative requirements. We can do the work so you don’t have to. The process of indexing, preparing and converting information is lengthy, requiring the use of reliable experts with a reputable track record.

We’ll identify and coordinate legally compliant and cost-effective storage facilities for archival records and only convert those records which need to be.

  • Document conversion
  • Off-site back-up systems
  • Disaster recovery
  • Data security

Audits and NIBRS Conversion

We take a holistic approach to assessing and resolving crime data inconsistencies by assessing
all phases of police reporting, review, and UCR/NIBRS compilation and production. We will resolve
your UCR challenges and get your agency converted to NIBRS smoothly here.

The Problem

The increase of scrutiny on today’s crime stats is an ever growing issue that has led to many high profile investigations of numerous law enforcement agencies. Are your crime stats accurate? Is your agency recording and reporting crime correctly? Are you prepared to switch to NIBRS? We are UCR/NIBRS experts.

RMS code tables containing errors, a lack of quality control, inconsistent training and problematic workflows all contribute to problematic data.

Our Solutions

crimestatchartRead how our experts were invited to serve on the FBI and National Academy of Sciences panel convened to modernize the nation’s crime reporting program.
Producing accurate crime statistics requires taking a holistic approach to crime reporting. We provide assistance with ensuring your crime stats are accurate through GAGAS compliant methodologies:



We are certified auditors through the International Law Enforcement Auditors Association.

Statement of Objectivity

PRI Management Group is an independent entity that works free of any and all personal, external and organizational impairments to independence, third-party personal, business or financial affiliations that would prevent or impair objectivity in our work, and works in accordance with Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards. We are 100% objective in our work and provide both audit and attestation engagements according to GAGAS standards.

Public concerns about the accuracy of the police department crime statistics have been addressed by this comprehensive review. The report details exactly how the errors occurred and what we need to do to fix them. This exhaustive report will serve as a basic template for every police department in the country that has experienced crime data errors.

Executive Director

Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission

Your experience and expertise in the area of police operations, crime data and records management was a valuable resource that I would be happy to call on again, should the need arise.

Office of Internal Audit

Metropolitan Nashville

Management consulting and IT solutions.

As new technologies continue to emerge, finding the right fit specific to your agency is important. We provide sound records management, efficient business process design and technology consulting services on time and within budget.

CAD/RMS Project Management

The Problem

The burden on operations that comes with researching, purchasing, and implementing new technology can be overwhelming and costly. We work to ensure project success on time and within budget.

  • RFPs
  • Vendor evaluation
  • Project management
  • Technology needs assessments
  • Business process assessments/re-engineering
  • System implementation
  • Planning sessions
  • Training

You’ve decided to make the jump to a new RMS or other technology solution and want to make sure you get the most out of your investment financially and professionally. Wouldn’t you use the expertise of someone who has been down that road? From vendor evaluation and selection to technology assessments, PRI Management Group protects your interests and keeps your project on track.

IT Solutions

It’s all about managing information better.

We specialize in integrating technology into the police records management and communications functions. Our years of on the job experience means we know what questions to ask of vendors and what the expectations are of forward thinking law enforcement agencies. We manage and provide IT related services for:

  • Electronic citations
  • Data management
  • Mobile computing
  • Web-based report retrieval/e-commerce
  • Case management

Law enforcement’s premier video redaction service.  We are public records experts and know what needs redacting. We come from law enforcement. Download brochure.


Body cam 3Are you estimating significant costs for body-camera operations stemming from review and redaction requirements? Save your time and budget through our public records services and technology tools to securely redact your video according to your state specific exemptions.

End-to-End Solutions

police records clerkWe can manage your records requests from end-to-end: quickly, securely & in compliance with your state’s law. Our team of police records specialists from law enforcement have the requisite expertise to electronically process requests in collaboration with your agency.

Auto Logging & Notifications

REDACTEDWe can log what redactions were made, list the corresponding statutes and automatically notify you through our system when your videos are ready. You’ll receive a secured download link. Our team comes from law enforcement and is trained in your state’s laws.


securerecordsVideos are encrypted and managed in a secure environment and are automatically purged after you retrieve them. Automatic notification of completion in 1-2 days (expedited service available).  Originals never leave your office. Secure and cost-effective. We don’t keep copies!

We're Public Records Compliance Experts

We’re not just offering a redaction service.  PRI is a public records compliance consultancy with combined staff experience of 100+ years specializing in law enforcement records.  We train and consult police agencies around the country in open records/FOIA law. In fact, if you’re reading this we’ve probably worked with your agency (client list).

Now we’re offering to do the work for you and once completed we send the video to you for download and no one else.

Agency Costs

Agency Costs

Plans and Pricing

We can provide annual contracts or pay per video pricing.  Remove the burden of hiring staff, paying benefits, redacting, burning CDs, printing, mailing and human resource activities by utilizing PRI and our team of public records experts. 


Benefits of Our Services

  • Costs less
  • Faster turnaround
  • Compliance with the law (text, audio, faces and spaces redaction)
  • Seamless solution: when you switch systems, we still provide the service. You’re not locked in.

Download brochure

How it Works

We make the redaction and release of records a fully electronic process eliminating extensive labor and material costs.  We operate in a fully dedicated CJIS security policy environment. The requested files get uploaded then redacted by our technicians (text, faces, spaces, audio).  Once completed in 1-2 days (expedited requests available), you’ll receive notification to download the file. We don’t keep copies unless you want us to.

Samples of our Work

We have worked on the most sensitive cases there can be including everything from police shootings, crime scenes to traffic stops and more.  Our clients have requested redaction for court cases, public records requests and TV shows including one featured on Investigation Discover: On the Case with Paula Zahn

Hourly Rate Option

training-iconThis option is best for agencies that receive occasional requests for copies of video and would like more flexible pricing. You'll be billed per request and charged only for the hours worked.

Expedited requests (3 hour turnaround) are available for an additional $50 per video. With each request we apply your state's record exemptions in collaboration with the directions you provide through our online request form process.  Once completed you receive notification and a link to download the video- no one else. 

Thinking about signing up?

Schedule a call for our redaction services today!


Annual Contract

We also provide annual contracts for redaction services which includes a dedicated team of video technicians assigned to your agency.  This option is best for larger agencies with higher volumes of redaction requests. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I locked in to your services?

No. You only use us when you need to.  And we work with any type of documents and video.

What types of video and records can you work with?

Unlike the major body-worn camera vendors who lock you into their products and data services, we work with any camera system and video format, and any type of text or RMS system.  You can cancel the contract at anytime- no strings attached!

Is it safe?

Absolutely.  We have been in business since 2008 and utilize fully-vetted technicians who are hired from law enforcement and undergo yet another background check.  Files get uploaded to our secure server and are encrypted in motion and at rest. Once completed you’ll be automatically notified with a link to download the video within 1-2 days (expedited upon request).

How do you know what can/cannot be released?

We follow state public records law along with the instructions you provide.  Nothing gets released except to you. We are experts in this field and have been in business since 2008.


We provide fixed price consulting packages based on what is required to accomplish your end goals.  Our valued-based pricing model prevents runaway hourly costs and provides you up-front what all costs will be.  Contact us to request a proposal.  Please be prepared to provide specific descriptions of your needs, workload metrics, agency demographics and time frame for the project.