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Records operations & info management

Records are processed and provided on time. Learn more.

Public records requests made easy with GovQuest. Learn more.

A records purge is an annual thing. Learn more.

Determine Records staffing requirements. Learn more.

Records staff are trained. The unit runs smoothly. Learn more.

Technology, Data, Integration

CAD/RMS project success. Learn more.

Data convergance, retention, and digital strategy. Learn more.

Crime data is accurate. NIBRS success. Learn more.

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Modernize, Streamline, and Achieve Compliance

The Problem: Backlogs, Non-Compliance, and Inefficiencies

Too many reports pend approval
Crime data is stale
Records unit backlogs
Records/data don’t get purged
Public records delays
Disorganization, low morale, internal conflict


Outdated process and organizational structure
Duplication of effort, data, and technology
Key performance indicators aren’t tracked
Reports not submitted by end of shift
Too many errors in reports

How We Help Fix It

Collaborative audits, data integration, staffing studies, process reengineering, and GovQuest.

Peak operational efficiency
Reduced workload and no backlogs
New workflows, deduplication, data integrity
Improved morale
Better allocation of funding with verified staffing requirements

A sampling of agencies who have selected PRI for our exceptional services:

Public Records Made Easy. See How.

The Problem: Requests are on the rise. You’re understaffed and rely on logs and spreadsheets. Redaction is difficult.

Public Records Liabilities

Lack of internal public records oversight
Turnaround time not tracked
Insufficient technology for processing requests
Staffing shortage
Unfamiliarity with public records laws

How We Help Fix It  

Backlogs eliminated. Requests are automated. Smart redaction. Our SaaS system, process re-engineering, and public records training, will save you time, money, and lower your risk.  

Web-based public records request system
Built-in smart redaction tool
Integrated payment portal
Free trial and training
Instant access with a simple login; zero maintenance, no hidden fees, nothing to install.

How To Ensure CAD/RMS Project Success

The Problem: Your CAD/RMS needs replacement. Resources are limited.

The system demands daily support
Frequent system crashes
Updates nearly always contain bugs
Support is untimely
Data is inconsistent
Feature requests go unanswered

Causes of Failed Projects and Systems

Insufficient planning, research, and due diligence
Lack of business process re-engineering
Poorly written RFP
Lack of project management
Data duplication

A sampling of agencies which have selected PRI for our exceptional services:

How You Can Do It Right

Successful CAD/RMS projects require needs assessments, systems integration, change management, and training. Utilize our CAD/RMS expertise to ensure a successful outcome.

Systems integration and ROI through maximum user adoption, process re-engineering, NIBRS compliance, and data deduplication.
Project management, system configuration, testing, training.
Time to RFP reduced by 50%.
A guiding hand throughout the project.

See if your department is prepared for your project and download your findings report, free. 

How We Resolve Crime Data Concerns

The Problem: crime data is inaccurate. NIBRS has caused issues.

Crime data and case clearance rates are inconsistent and inaccurate. When the media finds out, they call the agency into question for cooking the books.

Lack of quality control in report review process
Monthly error-rate is not tracked
Offense table errors in the RMS
Report writing errors
Lack of training
Time and Place & Offenders Acting in Concert rules not followed
Cases aren’t updated when other agencies make arrests on your warrants
No report writing manual

How We Help Fix It

When law enforcement agencies have crime data problems, they turn to PRI. We are the only company around specializing in crime stat audits and NIBRS support services.

Corrected and verifiable data
Sources of errors confirmed
NIBRS and data dashboards. Track and correct errors real-time.
Crime and clearance rates confirmed

We’ve worked with some of the smallest, and largest metropolitan agencies in need of resolution to crime data concerns.

Inventory and Purge Help

The Problem: Boxes of old records are piling up. Data is costly. Nobody knows what can be purged.

The inventory and purge would take months of staff time. 

No retention schedules.
Records are printed and filed.
Digital records aren't purged, only the paper.
Source documents are retained after being scanned.
Records are filed by case number instead of using a container method.
The department believes records should be kept forever, increasing liability.
Case dispositions are not updated based on findings of the court or prosecutor.

How We Help Fix It

Not only can we inventory and purge the records in lightning speed, we can re-engineer your record indexing and retention procedures so the backlog never happens again.

New retention schedules, new ways of doing business, and lot’s of work off your plate. Relief is here.

Data convergence and digital evidence architecture begins with fixing retention first.

The Problem: data is everywhere and more technology isn’t always the answer.

The hype around digital evidence management may be driving you to spend unnecessarily.

Video is burned to DVDs and they can't be searched.
Digital evidence and records are in disparate systems.
Inter-agency workflows are paper-driven.
Cloud storage and vendor maintenance is too costly.
Retention is paper-focused. Data is neglected and never purged.

How We Help Fix It

Let’s first get a handle on retention, eliminating costs for unnecessary records and data.

Then accelerate success through a cost-benefit analysis, enterprise needs assessment, and informed leveraging of the right technology.

Data migration and convergence design, plan, build.
Needs assessments & business process reengineering.
Records/evidence retention scheduling, policy, training.
Media migration, cloud advisory, systems integration.

Our Proven Process

Our standard process, refined from years of experience, ensures everything goes according to plan and frees up your time to focus on the business of the day

Project team is assembled

Work plan is developed

Assess needs

Deliver results

Monitor progress

Document everything

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Public concerns about the accuracy of the police department crime statistics have been addressed by this comprehensive review. The report details exactly how the errors occurred and what we need to do to fix them. This exhaustive report will serve as a basic template for every police department in the country that has experienced crime data errors..

Executive Director
Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission

Your experience and expertise in the area of police operations, crime data and records management was a valuable resource that I would be happy to call on again, should the need arise.

Office of Internal Audit
Metropolitan Nashville
Replacing CAD/RMS is a formidable project. Our law enforcement, technology and procurement backgrounds are unparalleled. We know the intricate details of call-taking, dispatching, report writing, NIBRS, case management, system administration, procurement... and what personnel need these systems to do.

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