Policy done right.

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NIBRS Report Writing Manual

A comprehensive NIBRS report writing manual to get your officers, supervisors, and records personnel on the same page with NIBRS reporting requirements. This MS Word document should be edited to align with your agency’s report writing requirements.


Records Policies

This purchase includes two SOPs: a Records Unit policy and a Records Management policy. They are MS Word docs that provide policy framework for departmental records management, and unit operational policy. Designed to be customized to your agency’s requirements for releasing, storing, securing, and defining records.


NIBRS Offense Cheat Sheet

A great cheat sheet listing all NIBRS offenses and corresponding codes. Share with your personnel as an easy reference for NIBRS coding. Also includes a matrix for correctly reporting Lesser Included and Mutually Exclusive offenses.


Records Employee Performance Improvement Plan Course

This is a great on-demand 1-2 hour course to learn how to develop a Performance Improvement Plan for an employee in Records. Learn how to develop, administer, and speak to your employee to bring performance up to an acceptable level. Once purchased you will receive an emailed link to take the class in a web-browser on any computer.

Case Management Guide

A simple guide to understanding case Status and Disposition, how they should be used, and the correct combinations of these in your system. Understand what exceptional clearance and unfounded means, and when they should be selected.


Case Management Course On-demand

This is a ~2-hour course to guide you through the process of ensuring your cases have the correct Status and Disposition. Eliminate the confusion between these 2 fields, and how to select the right option throughout the course of an investigation. Once purchased you will receive an emailed link to take the class in a web-browser on any computer.