Some of Our Projects

NIBRS Conversion and RMS Implementation

The Tallahassee, FL Police Department contracted with PRI to convert the agency to NIBRS reporting and to assist with implementation of a new NIBRS compatible RMS.  PRI mapped Florida state statutes to NIBRS coding schema, developed local coding for Tallahassee ordinances, and tested the system’s compliance with all NIBRS data and submission requirements.  PRI conducted a monthly audit to ensure the production of accurate data, provided training, oversaw the installation of the new RMS, and developed a customized report writing manual specific to the new system.

New Records Division (see case study)

The Vancouver, WA Police Department engaged PRI for project management, procurement, and technology consulting services to assist with the standing up of a brand new police records unit. Managing a project team consisting of numerous police, IT, HR, facilities, public works, and finance representatives, PRI assisted with the building out of new work space, implemented regional RMS systems interfaces, hired 18 records personnel and developed a records management program.

Statewide RMS Replacement Project

A California state agency was seeking to acquire a statewide RMS as part of their Public Safety Technology Modernization (PSTM) Strategy. The California Technology Agency required a Feasibility Study for funding purposes. As the selected sub-consultant, PRI assessed the as-is and to-be records & technology environment across the state and developed an Economic Analysis Worksheet projecting pre and post implementation 5 year costs with alternatives, a functional traceability matrix and information workflows resulting in the successful submission of the study defining costs and recommendations for a COTS solution.

Records Management Process Improvement and Staffing Study (see case study)

The El Monte Police Department was facing significant report backlogs, inefficient management of records/data, a near toxic environment creating work frustrations for employees, and a question of whether more employees were truly needed. One employee said the agency was in the habit of “printing and stamping everything.” Upon conclusion of the project, the operation transformed into a model of information excellence. Backlogs were cut in half, employees regained confidence, job satisfaction returned, and the operation was structurally sound and built for efficiency.

Crime Stat Audit

After high profile allegations were made against the Milwaukee Police Department regarding intentional manipulation of crime statistics, the Milwaukee Fire & Police Commission contracted PRI Management Group to conduct an audit of the department’s crime stats and reporting procedure. The audit revealed no intentional manipulation of crime stats had occurred. Inaccuracies were due to RMS and human error.

Records Unit & Technology Assessment

The Miami Gardens Police Department opened its doors in 2008 and subsequently sought assistance with developing improvements to the new police records unit operations. Miami Gardens is a city with over 105,000 citizens and 240 employees in the police department. With a high call volume, new RMS, and an entire police department starting from scratch, the need to ensure the production of timely information and accurate crime stats was of utmost importance.

PRI Management Group proceeded with a top to bottom analysis of how the records unit was managing information and quality control. An RMS configuration assessment, UCR statistical analysis, and performance review ensured the MGPD was producing accurate and timely information.

Crime Stat Audit

The City of Nashville Office of Internal Audit was tasked with conducting an audit of the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department’s crime stats. PRI Management Group was contracted to assist with the audit by analyzing report classifications, supervisor reviews, and case clearance statuses of reports spanning several years. See the audit report here.

Records Management Assessment

The Mandeville, La. Police Department sought assistance with assessing its information management practices, RMS and developing new policy. PRI Management Group conducted an on-site assessment and provided a public records workshop to agency employees. New policy was developed and assistance was provided with leveraging existing imaging software capabilities and recommending new technology.

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