What We Do

PRI is a highly specialized consulting firm that provides criminal justice agencies records management, IT and crime data consulting, training and project management services. With core competencies in public records, UCR/NIBRS, CJIS, CAD/RMS/JMS and records operations, PRI is transforming criminal justice information management in America.



Launched as a home-based business, PRI begins with one training seminar, Building a Model Police Records Unit, presented at the Palm Bay, FL Police Department. 20 agencies registered for the training. Founder Lt. Ed Claughton (ret.) and wife Kelly would spend hours creating 3-ring binders for attendees on the floor of the living room.


PRI creates additional training programs and gets first consulting contract with the Miami Gardens, FL Police Department to help build a new police records unit.


PRI training programs requested by agencies outside of Florida and the company begins to build a national brand known for its law enforcement information management expertise in public records and UCR.


PRI selected to audit the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department’s crime statistics after high-profile allegations were made accusing the agency of falsifying reports.  PRI receives commendation from the Office of Internal Audit.


The Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission hired PRI to audit the Milwaukee Police Department’s crime statistics after the department was accused of manipulating its crime data.  The audit received high praise from industry experts and government officials and receives national attention in various news outlets and radio shows.


PRI training services grow across the country.  Over 1000  professionals attend our programs in over 20 states.   Police Magazine publishes article on crime data featuring PRI.


With new offices and leadership, consulting, training teams in place, PRI builds additional training programs and doubles the number of consulting contracts, providing records management, technology procurement, staffing studies, and integration services to numerous agencies.


PRI builds and hosts the first national police records management conference, held in New Orleans. Over 100 police agencies attend from around the US. PRI invited by the National Academy of Sciences to participate as a subject matter expert for the impaneled commission, Modernizing the Nation’s Crime Statistics.


PRI releases new supplemental training products and wins first 7-figure consulting contract to assist with the procurement and implementation of new RMS and CAD systems for a large CA Sheriff’s Office, and to convert the agency to NIBRS. The company is requested by various associations around the US as the keynote speaker and presenter at conference sessions including CLEARS, LEIRA, and the IACP.


In response to Covid-19, PRI transitions all training programs and most consulting services to online delivery resulting in complete economic recovery and a 37% revenue increase over 2019. More than 3800 professionals registered for the new online courses across 40 states. PRI enters the technology space and begins building software systems.

Our Mission

Improve public safety in our clients communities by ensuring the delivery of accurate, timely and efficient management of agency records and data through the utilization of tomorrow’s technology and effective business processes.

Integrity Always

We operate with the utmost level of integrity without compromise, promoting the ethical performance of our duties in all that we do. Our work is conducted in the most efficient manner possible to ensure the responsible stewardship of our clients investments.

Care For Our People

We recognize that the value and well-being of our employees translates into superior care of our clients. We encourage self-initiative, creativity, teamwork and open-dialogue while understanding the importance of flexibility, passion and commitment to client satisfaction.

Results Oriented

We pay attention to the details while seeing the big picture. Our decisions and actions are based on first understanding what the results will be and only upon gathering all available information.  We understand organizational culture and the unique environmental conditions of each project.
“Any agency seeking to understand the ins and outs of what makes a capable Records Management System and/or needs help with an RMS procurement would do well to work with PRI.”

Kirke Curtis, City of Oakland

“Your experience and expertise in the area of police operations, crime data and records management was a valuable resource that I would be happy to call on again, should the need arise.”

Office of Internal Audit, Metropolitan Nashville

“Having PRI on our team was crucial to the success of our start-up. There were countless times they brought up an item for review that wasn’t on our radar and needed to be considered. Having their expertise and outside perspective helped us avoid many roadblocks.”

Katrina West, Vancouver, WA Police Records Manager

“This exhaustive report will serve as a basic template for every police department in the country that has experienced crime data errors.”

Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission