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September 15, 2023

Established in 2008, PRI has consistently grown as a highly specialized public safety records management and technology firm with an unwavering commitment to our clients. PRI provides expert training, consulting, and compliance-related services to over 5000 agencies across the U.S. Positioned as law enforcement’s #1 trusted source for assistance with technology planning and procurement, public records and crime reporting, and records management solutions, PRI announces a significant expansion of its services to government enterprise.

Leveraging its 15 years of unparalleled experience and success in law enforcement, PRI, a highly growth-driven company, is now expanding to other state and local government agencies and offices.

PRI Public Safety will service law enforcement, corrections, and fire/EMS organizations.


PRI Government will service education, transportation, public works, finance, legal, and administrative agencies.

As part of this growth strategy, we are pleased to welcome two new customers including the Manatee County, FL County Administrator’s Office, and a large metropolitan area airports authority, both of which have engaged PRI to provide records management compliance and advisory services. This includes assessing and streamlining records management operations at two large international airports.

Through its extensive background and team of industry experts, PRI understands the critical role of information management in government today, and the ability to provide and obtain fast, easy access to information through sound business process and integrated technology.

To clarify this concept, PRI Founder and President Ed Claughton emphasizes, “This growth strategy will enable our clients to operate leaner, and more nimble, with an enterprise focus on customer service for their employees, and the public, through modernized approaches to information management. Today, employee success and public stakeholder satisfaction are both largely contingent on how well government manages its information, and utilizes technology to provide fast, easy access to records and services. Modernized records management with the right technology can significantly improve efficiency and cut costs. Our roots in government combined with our most genuine and sincere desire to bring success to our clients, where we position them as the hero, not us, has led to our success.”

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