This self-paced online accessible course takes the student through an immersive learning experience beyond the live seminar version and can be completed by anyone in your department.  Duration: about 1.5 hours.

We see many departments keeping closed cases forever, over- and under-reporting crime data, and misreporting their clearance rates, all due to issues in the world of case management. From too many status options in the RMS to gaps in case management procedure, learn the procedures needed to maintain the proper status and disposition of cases throughout the course of an investigation and the judicial process.


Learn how status and disposition fields in RMS function, how they impact NIBRS, clearance rates, records retention, and who should be authorized to change case statuses.

Includes: downloadable case management guide, and a status and disposition list for RMS.

Course Highlights

  • The difference between status and disposition options in your RMS, how they function, and when should they be changed
  • Do you hear back from your local court or D.A. when a case has met disposition?
  • Who should be authorized to change the status of a case
  • Can you clear a case by arrest when a warrant is obtained?
  • How are arrests which are made by other agencies on your warrants handled?
  • Clearing cases vs. offenses
  • The importance of court dispositions and case status
  • Ensuring communication between agencies and the judicial system in your area to provide for proper case management


This is a self-paced course that you will navigate through via your web browser. Upon registering, you’ll receive a link to join the webinar with instructions.  Check your junk mail folder in case you don’t see it.


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