About Edward Claughton

Lt. Ed Claughton (ret.) a 20 year law enforcement veteran and founder of PRI Management Group, is a public safety records and IT management consultant with deep expertise in public records compliance, UCR/NIBRS and IT systems.

Known as law enforcement’s public records expert, Ed has researched and taught public records law since 2008 in IL, LA, SC, FL, NC, CO, TX, OH, ID, AL, AZ, GA, MO, TN, VA, OK, and AK.

Ed’s expertise stems from an extensive law enforcement career as a police lieutenant specializing in records management, crime reporting , criminal investigations and as an instructor for over 1400 agencies in public records law. As a well-known and highly regarded subject matter expert, Ed will provide a path of knowledge for your agency to navigate the nuances of records exemptions, privacy law, confidential records, fees, format and timing requirements for your state.

With a great understanding of law enforcement’s approach to releasing records, case management and media relations, Ed will walk you through your state’s legal requirements and how to apply them to your agency’s records.

Ed is passionate about good government and strongly promotes finding creative solutions for eliminating bureaucracy in public safety.  His training seminars consistently receive outstanding reviews and are known for being engaging and highly informative. He has been a requested speaker for the IACP, CLEARS, LERMA, PEAF, ARMA and various state police chief associations.

Ed Claughton holds a Masters in Criminal Justice from Boston University and is a certified law enforcement auditor and public records manager.

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Public concerns about the accuracy of the police department crime statistics have been addressed by this comprehensive review. The report details exactly how the errors occurred and what we need to do to fix them. This exhaustive report will serve as a basic template for every police department in the country that has experienced crime data errors.

Executive Director

Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission

Your experience and expertise in the area of police operations, crime data and records management was a valuable resource that I would be happy to call on again, should the need arise.

Office of Internal Audit

Metropolitan Nashville

Antioch Police Records Inventory and Purge

The Antioch Police Department has contracted with PRI to provide records inventory and purge services to ensure compliance with retention schedules and elimination of inactive records which are eligible for destruction.

Auburn Police Records Inventory and Purge

The Auburn, CA Police Department has contracted with PRI to provide records inventory and purge services.

Lubbock TX Crime Stat Audit

PRI will assist the Lubbock, Texas Police Department by confirming the accuracy of crime stats spanning 2019-2021. The audit encompasses a forensic analysis of the RMS and review of crime data, Group A and B incident and supplemental reports, and case management...

Helena MT CAD/RMS Replacement

PRI was selected to assist the Helena Police Department, and partner agencies, with replacing a regional CAD/RMS system. The project will entail a needs assessment, procurement, implementation, and project management services.