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Ed Claughton

Ed Claughton



Records management isn’t boring- it’s just the way its usually presented that puts people to sleep.  Not with Ed however.  A dynamic and engaging presenter, Ed is guaranteed to keep your attention and provide insightful information in all things law enforcement information management related from UCR/NIBRS to public records, technology and the future of policing data.  Ed comes from law enforcement and is the nation’s premier expert in this field. He has presented for the IACP Conference, LEIM Conference, and various state’s chiefs and records associations around the country.  You won’t be disappointed.

BA, Political Science, Loyola University New Orleans

MA, Criminal Justice, Boston University

Previous Presentations

IACP Conference

LEIM Conference

Missouri Police Chiefs Association


Florida Property & Evidence Association

Louisiana Chiefs of Police Association

Michigan Law Enforcement Records Management Association

Compared to other records management seminars, this blows them out of the water!! Not the same dry instruction, but actual real world conditions. The ideas for improvement and dealing with 'systems' and 'people' were sound and logical. Fantastic!
This class exceeded my expectations! We have already scheduled future training with PRI Management Group. We are looking forward to the next class
The seminar was outstanding, I hope to make some changes here in my department with some of what I have taken away from this class.
I really enjoyed the way every portion was explained. It wasn't overwhelming, but it put into perspective the importance of running a good police records unit.

Sunrise Police Dept.

Records management seminar is a must for anyone who deals with records--very informative class, and extremely knowledgeable instructor. Send your employees--it's worth every penny.
Ed is very personable and extremely knowledgeable about the police business. The stories are entertaining and have meaning to the topic at hand. Great personal stories. Great incorporation of videos and images to liven up the lecture.

Ft. Lauderdale Police Dept.

I attended the Crime Stats and UCR for the Police Executive seminar. As with the others, the class was very informative. Thanks for another great class!

Avon Park Police Dept.

I have attended other records management seminars in the past and this one was far above any of the others. Thanks for a great class.
"We thoroughly enjoyed the style and presentation of this class. It was easy to understand and the instructor made the class entertaining. Never a dull moment."
No suggestions. really enjoyed the class. We will be taking the UCR class in March and are very excited to get everything started for our own records unit.
The class and flexibility was great. We had a great group who lent their years of expertise to the discussion. Loved it the way it is.


  • Law Enforcement Records Management: the 4 pillars of success
  • Crime Reporting: understanding UCR and staying out of the headlines
  • The Future of Information Management in Policing
  • Leadership in Records: what does it take?
  • Other topics may be requested