Criminal Justice Information Compliance and Innovation

Law Enforcement Records Management Cohort Program395

Implement what you learned in the Building a Model Police Records Unit seminar.

Seminar Overview

Learn to lead, plan, collaborate, obtain buy-in, execute and transform. This course provides you the tools and skills to build and implement a forward-thinking, modernized and efficient agency-wide information management program.

Who should attend: records personnel, administrative staff

While at its core is a two-day workshop, this is an ongoing program where attending scholars will become part of a peer group who will serve to support, mentor and advise each other on an ongoing basis in the development and implementation of a customized model police records management plan for your agency.

During the workshop, moderated by PRI, your group will develop an actionable plan to bring back to your agency and the skills needed to get it approved and implemented, guided by the 4 pillars of a model police records operation: 1) sound business process 2) people’s performance 3) legal compliance and 4) modern technology.

Utilizing an online system, your groups will maintain contact, share ideas, provide feedback, network and develop career-long relationships. In addition to the practical education this program provides, the connections you make will be even more valuable.

The plan you will develop will include the strategies, risks, timelines, policy and training requirements for:

  • Developing and tracking real-time key performance indicators
  • Annual compliance with retention schedules across the agency
  • Effective policy governing report writing, public records, report corrections, management process
  • Selecting the right systems for managing records and data
  • Standardizing and maximizing the use of CAD/RMS
  • Developing performance expectations and standards

You will learn the skills needed to:

  • Effectively communicate your vision clearly and concisely to obtain buy-in
  • Deal effectively with difficult employees and supervisors
  • Demonstrate leadership skills for cross-generational staff
  • Draft professional, management-level plans and staff reports

This is a hands-on course and participants will need to bring a laptop with wireless capability.

Included material

The material for this course includes an online platform for developing your records management plan and for collaborating with your assigned peer group. You will receive login info prior to the course.

NIBRS report writing manual ($195 for seminar attendees)

It is suggested you purchase the NIBRS Report Writing Manual which accompanies this course at a discounted rate for seminar attendees. Normally $479 on our site, you can purchase the manual when you register for $195.  It will be emailed to you as a MS Word doc with your invoice or receipt (for credit card purchases).

See Manual

Records management and Records Unit SOPs ($9.99 each for seminar attendees)

You can also purchase two policies (Records Management and Records Unit Operations policies when you register.  These policies will be emailed to you for download as MS Word docs for customization as desired.

See Policies

Seminar registration: $395 per person


Report writing manual: $195 for seminar attendees (only 1 needed per agency). The manual is available for purchase when you register for the seminar. It will be emailed to you as a MS Word document.

Records Policies: $9.99 each available for purchase when you register.


Remember to budget for our training courses.

Seminar Registration

Please pick a location below and register online. Classes fill quickly and space is limited.


Ventura County Sheriff’s Office
Jun 20 - Jun 21
Thornton Police Department
May 13 - May 14

Payment Information

For detailed course information see the course flyer. We accept checks and credit cards. Cancellations must be made more than 5 days in advance of the class in order to receive a refund. NOTE: PRI training is closed to private industry personnel.

Pleasant Hill PD

"I have attended many seminars and training classes over the last 20 years in law enforcement; I have to say with certainty, yours was simply amazing. You are very informed about the topic you teach. VERY informed."


"Compared to other records seminars, this blows them out of the water!! Not the same dry instruction, but actual real world conditions. The ideas for improving 'systems' and 'people' were sound and logical. Fantastic!"

Sunrise Police Dept.

"Records management seminar is a must for anyone who deals with records--very informative class, extremely knowledgeable instructor. Send your employees--it's worth every penny."


"This class exceeded my expectations! We have already scheduled future training with PRI Management Group. We are looking forward to the next class."

Ft. Lauderdale Police Dept.

"I attended the Crime Stats and UCR for the Police Executive seminar. As with the others, the class was very informative. Thanks for another great class!"


"The seminar was outstanding, I hope to make some changes here in my department with some of what I have taken away from this class."

Avon Park Police Dept.

"I have attended other records management seminars in the past and this one was far above any of the others. Thanks for a great class."


"I really enjoyed the way every portion was explained. It wasn't overwhelming, but it put into perspective the importance of running a good police records unit."


"Ed is very personable and extremely knowledgeable about the police business. The stories are entertaining and have meaning to the topic at hand. Great incorporation of videos and images to liven up the lecture."


"We thoroughly enjoyed the style and presentation of this class. It was easy to understand and the instructor made the class entertaining. Never a dull moment."


"No suggestions. really enjoyed the class. We will be taking the UCR class in March and are very excited to get everything started for our own records unit."