Criminal Justice Information Compliance & Innovation

CAD RMS Procurement and Project Management $995

For executive level police, procurement and IT personnel.

| CAD & RMS Procurement and Project Management Course

| REVISED DATE: October 20-21, 2021

Orlando, Florida

Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel

Ensuring project success requires planning, a defensible procurement process, project management skills, and insight into what systems and vendors are right for your agency. This 2-day executive-level course is a money back guaranteed program that will cut your project time in half and help ensure a successful outcome.

Course Overview

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You will receive customizable CAD/RMS project-specific documents that are pre-populated with full content yet formatted to allow for customization and collaboration. These documents are based on years of experience writing RFPs and managing projects for our law enforcement agency clients.

  • Project Charter
  • Project Work Plan
  • Scoring Sheets
  • Risk Matrix
  • Communications Plan

group collaboration & networking

You’ll be provided access to our Basecamp site built for program members to continue collaborating and learning from their project experiences, bounce ideas off of, share sample policies, and discuss vendors. 


0800-1000 Project Planning

  • 5 Phases of the project
  • Agile project management
  • Developing the Project Team
  • How much will it cost and funding sources

1015-1200 Project Management 

  • Drafting the Project Charter
  • Risk identification and management
  • Drafting the Communications Plan
  • Project updates and meetings

1300-1430 Needs Assessment

  • Conducting a Needs Assessment

1445-1700 The right approach to an RFP

  • Procurement and legal terms and conditions
  • Writing the RFP


  • Review vendor proposals
  • Scoring vendor proposals
  • Vendor demos and scoring

1230-1600 Vendor Review

Review of current vendor landscape. PRI will provide insight into the current market leaders and systems.

Hear what our clients have consistently said about their CAD/RMS and what we have seen with our own eyes through our consulting engagements.

This invaluable session will save your agency from selecting a system that isn’t a good fit. Issues to consider:


  • Disruptive acquisitions and mergers: bad for you
  • Vendor sustainability and market position
  • Nextgen 911
  • Cloud vs. Not really cloud
  • Security
  • Support

Upon completing this course, you will leave with an RFP, a project plan, project charter, risk matrix, communications plan, and the skills needed to manage the project.

We’ll review the current vendor landscape and discuss the systems PRI recommends and those we don’t, after working with many agencies and on many projects, and hearing from our clients about the issues they’ve faced.

This invaluable insight will provide you with advanced knowledge in preparation for your system replacement.











Location: Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel. Room rate $129.  Tuition $995. Check and credit card payments accepted. Select payment option when you register.  Select pay by check to be invoiced. An invoice will be emailed to the person entered as the billing contact.

Hours: 8am-4pm

Meals: Breakfast included both days.


  • Reduction in time to published RFP 43% 43%
  • Reduction in staff time on project 57% 57%
  • Total project time reduction 50% 50%


Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel
9939 Universal Blvd
Orlando, FL 32819

The program will be held at the hotel. The room rate is $129/night. Tuition: $995.

Breakfast will be provided both days.

Top 5 Causes of Project Failure

Learn the top 5 reasons projects fail and how to avoid them.  

NIBRS Compliance

Many agencies are seeking new systems in preparation for NIBRS.  Systems must be compatible.

The 5 Project Phases

Each project has 5 key phases. An agile approach helps get through them all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this event a sales pitch for vendors

No. PRI is a nationally known independent consulting and training services firm that provides criminal justice agencies expert advisory, technical, compliance and program management solutions.  We specialize in information management for criminal justice.  See our seminars here.

How much of the RFP is already written?

The RFP is a complete document however, it is designed to be customized to align with your departmental policy and protocol. It is formatted with color-coded text identifying those portions which should be edited.

What format do the documents come in?

All project documents are in MS Word and Excel and are fully editable. 

Will the documents be completed in class?

No. The training includes guidance in what should be included in the documents and they should be worked on collaboratively with your project team at your agency.