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DISCOUNTED: If you register for a seminar, the manual can be purchased during the registration process online for $195. It will be emailed to you as an editable MS word doc.

BUY IT NOW: The manual is available here for purchase and download as an MS Word doc for $479.

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NIBRS Report Writing Manual

An off-the-shelf, yet customizable NIBRS Report Writing Manual. Written with officers, supervisors and records personnel in mind, it includes guidance and agency standards for writing reports.  The manual will be emailed as a MS Word document and is designed to be customized to align with agency policy.

What’s Inside
  • NIBRS offense list and definitions
  • NIBRS data elements and definitions
  • Report writing standards
  • Scenarios for officers
  • Supervisor responsibilities
  • Report review & correction policy
  • Situations requiring a report
  • By the end of shift policy
  • How many reports do I write? (Time and Place Rule, Acting in Concert, Hotel Rule)
  • How crimes are counted
  • Clearing cases by exception 
  • Unfounding cases
  • Error-tracking and performance metrics