Need an RFP?

Fast track your CAD/RMS project with one of our toolkits and get the systems you need.

Project Documents

Every project element you need, from procurement to project management.


We’ll provide the project management and procurement knowledge needed.

Project management site

Secured online access to our PM site throughout your project.

Why Projects Fail

The cause of project failure can often be traced right back to the RFP. Ending up with a bad system is reflective of a poorly written purchasing document. With ours, you are assured project success.

Return on Investment

You’re getting ready to spend a significant amount on a technology project. Investing in the tools, training and guidance needed controls costs and mitigates the risk of project failure.

Fast and Easy

Copying and pasting an RFP is a mistake. Writing one from scratch is a time-intensive effort. Our packages provide customized resources reducing your time to procurement by up to 67%.

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Select your option and see what’s included:

  • RFP

  • Information & Technology Governance for Criminal Justice Guide

  • Written & video instruction. Includes training for drafting an RFP, developing a project team, what committees are needed, and the 5 phases of a project. Learn about agile vs. waterfall approaches to project management and best practices for picking the right system.

Includes option #1 plus all project document forms, team presentations and more. Forms include:


  • PowerPoint project update template
  • Project Charter Form
  • Project Communications Plan
  • Project Work Plan
  • Risk Matrix
  • Project team assignment form
  • Project update forms
  • Vendor evaluation scoring sheets

Includes Option #2 items as well as utilization of our secure web-based project management site and training videos:


  • Instant access to our web-based project management system. You’ll be given a login to this secure web-based system; nothing to download or purchase. Includes pre-formatted and editable project phases and tasks.  All project team members can review real-time project progress and status. We’ll configure it for you.
  • Document collaboration tool. The RFP can be worked on collaboratively, versioned and tracked in real-time.
  • Manage all project documents in the system.
  • Gantt charts.
  • Assign tasks and receive notifications and reminders automatically via email.
  • On-demand procurement and project management videos to keep everyone on the same page!