Through my travels for training this year I have had the occasion to meet some exceptionally professional records units.  Two departments in particular really rang my bell and deserve kudos for their work. The Fort Collins, Colorado Police Department not only has the nicest police station I’ve ever seen but also a records unit like none other.  Records Manager Susan Neiman showed me around and I had to ask “where’s the paper?”.  Not one of the many desks in Records had a single piece of paper on it.  Everything, and I mean it seems like everything, is digital.  This was a sight to behold and appeared to be the most organized unit I’ve seen.  Nice work.

The St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office, Louisiana, also has a beautiful building and a records unit that had minimal paper files.  For an agency of 700+, very impressive.  Under the direction of Capt. Dianne Hirstius, a true worker bee with a genuine interest in records, the STPSO is in good hands.


Ed Claughton

St. Tammany SO

Fort Collins PD