After months of accusations, an independent auditor answered the question Thursday; did the Milwaukee Police Department deliberately under report crime?

“There wasn’t a shred of evidence, a smoking gun if you will, proving that the stats were manipulated intentionally,” auditor Edward Claughton announced to the Fire and Police Commission.

Chief Ed Flynn quickly responded, “I think it was important to have somebody from the outside to recognize that we have worked in good faith to produce timely and accurate data.”

The Chief says they are still trying to fix problems with the technology that he says caused coding mistakes. Although human error was also a major factor.

A Journal Sentinel investigation uncovered thousands of violent crimes had been incorrectly downgraded when reported to the FBI.

The controversy became a major political issue amidst complaints that the department did not readily disclose the errors.

Chief Flynn says it’s time to move on.

Although some of the commission members still questioned whether the auditor could be objective, given he was reportedly hired during a no bid process.

See the audit report and Milwaukee press release here.