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What People Are Saying About PRI

“Your experience and expertise in the area of police operations, crime data and records management was a valuable resource that I would be happy to call on again, should the need arise.”

Office of Internal Audit, Metropolitan Nashville

“Having PRI on our team was crucial to the success of our start-up. There were countless times they brought up an item for review that wasn’t on our radar and needed to be considered. Having their expertise and outside perspective helped us avoid many roadblocks.”

Katrina West, Vancouver, WA Police Records Manager

“This exhaustive report will serve as a basic template for every police department in the country that has experienced crime data errors.”

Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission

Conversion Services

How We Can Help

From needs assessment, planning and conversion to training and implementation, PRI can make NIBRS happen for your agency.  In addition to comparing data and calculating how your numbers will change, we can manage the project and/or do the technical stuff too from databases and pick-lists to coordinating with your vendor. Our end-to-end services include project management, system assessments, implementation, testing, education/training, and certification


PRI: Expertise Unrivaled

When law enforcement needs help with crime data they call us. PRI is the premier provider of UCR / NIBRS training, auditing and consulting solutions.  From high-profile audits to training seminars, you won’t find the collection of extensive crime reporting and UCR expertise that PRI has anywhere else.  We bring on-the-job experience from 4 perspectives: practitioner, technologist, records management and law enforcement.

Our staff has worked in all of these positions providing the necessary skill set for transitioning to NIBRS and conducting crime reporting the right way.

Read about how we were invited to serve on the FBI and National Academy of Sciences panel convened to modernize the nation’s crime reporting program.

NIBRS Report Writing Manual

Get  your officers, supervisors and records personnel on the same page with our report writing manual.


See it here.

NIBRS Support Services

Got NIBRS issues/questions? Learn how we can support your staff with on-call and real-time help center services for one low annual fee.

NIBRS Dashboard

Track your NIBRS data and error-rate in real-time, identify recurring errors, and improve the quality of your reports with quantifiable data.

Crime Stat Audits

We are the only company specializing in law enforcement information management that provides crime data auditing and support services.  

NIBRS Segments

There are 58 numbered data elements and 11 structural data elements comprising the NIBRS data structure. They are grouped into 8 segment levels as follows:

• Level 1–Administrative Segment

• Level 2–Offense Segment

• Level 3–Property Segment

• Level 4–Victim Segment

• Level 5–Offender Segment

• Level 6–Arrestee Segment

• Level 7–Group B Arrest Report Segment

• Level 0–Zero Report Segment

NIBRS Coding

Each data element contains a variety of alphanumeric values representing the data that is reported to NIBRS for offenses and arrests.

Some of these values are mandatory and some are conditional based upon the type of offense being reported.

NIBRS offenses are grouped into “Type A” and “Type B” categories as well as offense types of persons, property and society related crimes.