Manipulated Crime Stats Survey

There has been much debate lately on the matter of agencies manipulating their crime stats.  Is this issue truly a problem in law enforcement or is it blown out of proportion? We have created a survey to help find out.  Please share with your colleagues. Take the...

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IT/PD Relationship Survey

Is the relationship between your police department and your I.T. department good?  Are the needs of the police department being met?  All too often police departments and I.T. personnel have divergent priorities instead of both being focused on public safety.  Share...

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Pension Survey

Edward Claughton PRI Management Group The issue of public sector pensions has been all over the news lately.  It seems to have taken on a life of its own, reaching a tipping point leading many to believe those who work in public safety are paid too much and receive...

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UCR Survey

UCR Survey Results: Does your agency use UCR  stats for comparison purposes? What was the survey? Some police departments take reports from citizens over the phone or internet, making it very easy for citizens to report crime.  Others require officers to respond in...

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