2018 IACP Tech Conference in Review

Another IACP Technology Conference down (formerly known as LEIM), this one in Providence, RI.  PRI met some great agencies and vendors, and some not so great vendors (more on that in a minute).  This year’s event had a large focus on AI and its role in law enforcement.  We attended some great presentations, by the FBI CJIS folks, Tim Roufa, CTO of the Florida Highway Patrol, and Leslie Andrews, a database guru at the Albuquerque Police Department.  All very, very informative presentations. And of course, the Panasonic Casino night is always a blast. This conference is a must do for law enforcement records and tech personnel.

We walked the exhibition hall, got some system demos and met some interesting folks. Here’s what we found worth noting…

CrimeCenter Software

Born out of the NYPD and several of its former personnel, this is an RMS and robust case management system all wrapped up into one platform.  With a very nice GUI, simplified features and navigation, link analysis, and more, this is a promising system.  I got the impression they are still rolling out some key capabilities (the system is only a couple of years old), but nonetheless, this web-based, user-friendly system is one PRI would say take a look at. To the corporate folks, get some people to sell the product other than the salty NYPD veterans. The stand offishness doesn’t do well for sales (or consultants doing system reviews).

Optimum Technology

Based out of Ohio, this company’s SwiftProtect RMS has something really impressive -it’s a robust system that can be used on ANY device, flawlessly.  Officers can write reports, search, and manage the impounding of evidence right from their phones or tablets.  This system also has a nice, clean user-interface, a global search feature which will return data from anywhere in the system, including from narratives of reports, and a property/evidence module that’s easy to use. Optimum has a couple of officers on staff who help develop the system from an officer’s perspective, which is nice, and a great Law Enforcement Practice Director, Melissa Winesburg, PhD, who is a pleasure.  PRI thinks Optimum may take us up on our feedback and build in a key feature- the ability to run state/NCIC queries within the application.  With this capability baked in, SwiftProtect RMS will be ready for serious business.


If you haven’t heard of Mark43 yet, this cloud-based system could be on its way to transforming the industry. While the long-term success of this new, shiny system remains to be seen (it too is only a couple of years old), it is truly different than anything on the market. PRI has been watching this one closely and listening to our customers feedback, and so far, so good.  It really does have a very impressive GUI and operates like no other system. The RMS will continue to grow (the property/evidence module is something the company should continue to enhance), and its biggest attraction is just how simple it is to use and maintain.  With a subscription type licensing model, it’s easily scalable.  If you’re not use to a “case-jacket” approach to RMS, don’t shy away from it.  While it may be different than what you’re used to, you need to check it out.  While other systems have a similar approach, Mark43 has done it way better. Our vote is to put this one on your list. Our advice to Mark43? First, get a polished individual to do system/company presentations to potential client agencies and leave the sailor talk at home- especially when pitching to law enforcement execs.  Second, leave the NIBRS webinars to us, thank you very much!

And now to the ugly…


This is a large, multi-disciplinary consulting firm that dabbles in public safety.  This company has sub-contracted work out to PRI in the past- a relationship that by all accounts had been a positive one.  In turn, we’ve sent plenty of business leads their way, including a large national consulting project for a federal agency with a $2M value which they weren’t aware of. Suffice it to say, what a disappointment.  Sierra had a booth at the conference, staffed by two individuals we’ve communicated with numerous times in the past.  As if we were strangers, the pompous air of superiority on display was enough for us to say, steer clear, and to decide we won’t be doing business with them again (or sending $2M leads their way). Wow. Being a complete jackass is a new approach to biz dev for sure.

And with that, we wish our clients and those who build technology for law enforcement nothing but the best! If you’re reading this, you are likely one of our 12,373 subscribers to The Records Room, or you stumbled across this on our website.

Who Are We?

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