Criminal Justice Information Compliance and Innovation

Body-Worn Cameras and Public Records Requests

PRI President, Ed Claughton, will be a panel member at IACP 2016

San Diego Convention Center- 6D
Saturday, Oct 15 10:00 AM
1 hour 30 minutes

The challenge agencies face is how to meet this expectation in an environment of conflicting public views on the topic; antiquated, inadequate or over-reaching state public records laws; limited directive case law; and all while they are attempting to develop policy and deploy cameras. The profession finds itself in the unenviable position of being the guardians and arbiters in the balancing of privacy and transparency.

The panel will discuss the challenges of developing an effective public records dissemination program in this ambiguous environment and offer practical solutions. The presentation will focus on agency philosophy under varying laws, privacy issues, development of supportive policy, and a model for effective dissemination. The model discussed is based on the process currently being used by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department which has garnered national recognition as innovative, balanced, and practical.

Police-community relations around the country are being challenged in the wake of controversial police encounters over the past two years. Citizens and advocacy groups are demanding officer and agency accountability as well as transparency in police operations. Citizens perceive body-worn cameras as one of the most important tools in achieving this goal. The perception is that there can be no accountability or transparency without release of body-worn camera recordings.