Host a Class


Hosting a class means you would like to have one of our workshops held at your agency and allow others to attend as well.  You get 2 free seats and we do all the work.

 We make it very simple.  Here’s how it works:

  • You provide a training room with a computer projector, tables, chairs, and some coffee.
  • We provide you with a course flyer to help advertise the event.
  • We also market the event and list you as the host agency.
  • We handle all billing and registration on our website.
  • You get free marketing for your agency and great training.
  • Contact us to arrange for a date and we’ll do all the work.

Contact us to coordinate an event.


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Police records training






        We think this says it all….

“In 32 years of civilian law enforcement service this is the best training I have ever received. Anyone who knows records management will know immediately how much work went into compiling this material. Very impressed.”

California seminar attendee February 2014

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We provide the most sought after training available in police records management, UCR, public records and more.  Our courses have received excellent reviews and are designed by experts who have actually worked in this field and have extensive experience.  We believe in engaging our audience and provide a 100% learning environment.
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On Site Training

As a cost effective alternative all of our workshops can be provided on-site for just your personnel ensuring a group rate without the cost of travel and time away from work.  This tailored solution ensures training in alignment with your organization’s specific policy and protocol.
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e-Learning Solutions


Online, on-demand.

End-to-end training programs.



Utilizing user focused, simple to use on-demand technology, PRI Management Group can develop customized end-to-end training programs for your organization including webinars, tutorials and interactive training courses for your staff.  By simply clicking on a secured link users can attend live or prerecorded presentations built specifically for your learning needs.
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